About Us

Achieving our vision of a transformed real estate ecosystem in Zimbabwe requires a dedicated team with unlimited passion and unparalleled expertise.

The Tigere REIT Story

The critical need for real estate and infrastructure development presents a strong case for a well-structured REIT that allows the participation of a broad range of investors looking to share in the benefits of a pooled real estate investment.

The Tigere REIT will offer a unique opportunity to investors by giving them exposure to high-quality retail and commercial property assets in strategic locations with growing demand across Zimbabwe. It aims to achieve a minimum income yield backed by a diversified tenant mix of quality tenants and active asset management.

Experienced Management

Terrace Africa Asset Management, a registered fund manager in Zimbabwe, is the appointed REIT Manager for the Tigere Property Fund.

Terrace Africa Asset Management brings a wealth of expertise and experience to Tigere REIT having managed quality yielding retail properties within the African real estate industry

For over ten years, with over USD$150 million worth of assets currently under management- focused mainly on convenience retail.

Our team is connected by a passion for Africa and a shared ambition to build local communities and deepen in-country relationships wherever we operate. The team is based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Investment Strategy

The Fund’s overall strategy is to generate income and capital growth by acquiring eligible and income-generating real estate investments. The Fund will invest in completed real estate acquisitions and new development activities to deliver on its mandate and meet infrastructure development goals that will drive economic growth within the region

Driven By Innovation

We pioneer innovation in property investment with a vision to create modern, convenient assets to meet the challenges of urbanization and infrastructure development in Zimbabwe.

Specialized Investment

We generate income and capital growth through the acquisition of income generating real estate investments, with high returns for our investors driven by a diversified mix of quality tenants and active asset management

Best Of Both Worlds

We invest in both completed real estate acquisitions and new development activity in order to deliver on our mandate, driving economic growth through each and every asset that we own


Advisory Board:

  • Michael Philip Craft | Zimbabwean
  • Michelle Chiganze | Zimbabwean
  • Isaac Isaki | Zimbabwean
  • Bongai Zamchiya | Zimbabwean
  • Antony Howard Benatar | Zimbabwean
  • Charity Chirume | Zimbabwean

  • Trustees

  • Trustee: ZB Bank
  • Transfer Secretaries: ZB Transfer
  • Auditors: PKF
  • Property Valuers – Knight Frank
  • Legal Advisors – DLA Piper Manokore

  • Our ESG Proposition

    Promoting community development through real estate and infrastructure investment.

    Tigere’s working ethos includes a wide range of ESG principles that create positive and long-lasting results for all stakeholders.

    Our commitment to providing modern urban infrastructure, capital market products, and retail property solutions in Zimbabwe allows us to impact the growth and development of the local economy positively.

    Our 4 Key Pillars

    Through job creation, our investments inject capital into local communities and create sustainable economic ecosystems that generate long-term benefits.

    At a glance:

    • 500 formal employment opportunities created through the trading activities of our first two assets
    • First REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
    • Over 40 local and regional businesses operating across our portfolio
    • USD 1.2 million spent on infrastructure upgrades to date
    • Supporting Local content creation – 60% of materials sourced locally within Zimbabwe

    We strive to minimize the negative environmental impact of our real estate assets through strategies that reduce carbon emissions, sustain biodiversity and decrease over-reliance on scarce resources.

    At a glance:

    • Over 20 trees retained in flagship retail investment (Highland Park)
    • Solar projects to be installed at all of our properties
    • Use of grey water to ensure minimal wastage
    • Cleaner use of energy such as LPG rather than Diesel

    In Tigere’s operational priorities, ethical conduct and good governance are priorities, which means we continually strive for best practices within the industry.

    At a glance:

    • Complying with local and global standards on anti-bribery and fraud.
    • Transparent, consistent and accurate investment and portfolio reporting to investors and analysts

    Our business's core focus is developing and owning infrastructure that promotes community upliftment and leads to happier, healthier lives.

    At a glance:

    • Providing communities with social spaces that make people feel proud of their city and suburbs
    • Empowering SMEs, especially women and creating employment opportunities
    • Upgrading the surrounding infrastructure to build stronger neighborhoods.

    Our Story

    Changing landscapes and building a better Zimbabwe